Privacy Policy

This page is proposed for the visitor of our site to guide them about the use, declaration, and gathering of personal data. The clients who request to buy in or use our services are invited to peruse the privacy policy, terms and condition, return policy and disclaimer segment entirely. The individual data which we collect are completely for our inside use and won't be distribute to any other person.

You Should Know

For giving a greater experience to the clients, we collect some individual information from the clients. Thesefacts like name, phone number, email address, the postal location is collected to identify the clients.

Our service may contain association to other third party sites. Though, clients should note that we do not use these third party sites. Hence, the clients should check out the privacy policy of such third party sites and we have no influence over it.

The privacy policy is subjected to change spasmodically. The clients must observe the privacy policy every once in a while. The advancements to the privacy policy will be effective from the time the privacy policy is renewed.

If you have any enquiry or recommendation about our Privacy Policy, kindly contact us- (

Return Policy

We expect that our procurers should be happy with the knowledge of our business and to be completely knowledgeable about the facts affectability of the articles and services we offer. So anywise of stumble from the customer side, repay can't be conceded once a report has been dispatched.We can give free customizations on that report. Our items as well as services will be delivered to the concerned associate through email within known time. Our data and examination enclosed in an advanced structure. Being in a data-affectability workplace and because of the nature of our items/services, reimbursement wont happen, once a report has been delivered. Usually in the absent cases, incorrect or incomplete information in our market research report, MR Accuracy reports will offer free customization of right data in the bought report for that particular year.